2018 TSF Award Recipients


Prashanth Vallabhajosyula, MD
University of Pennsylvania
“Transplant Heart Exosome Profiling For Noninvasive Monitoring Of Immunologic Rejection”
STS Research Award, $80,000

Kei Suzuki, MD
Boston University
“Utilization Of Nasal Biomarkers As Screening Tools For Lung Cancer”
TSF Research Award, $80,000

Jane Yanagawa, MD
University of California, Los Angeles
“Targeting SGLT2 In Human Lung Adenocarcinoma”
TSF Research Award, $80,000

Paul C. Tang, MD, PhD
University of Michigan
“Improving Donor Heart Function Following Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury By Innate Immune Inhibition Using Valproic Acid”
STSA Research Award, $25,000

Danielle Gottlieb-Sen, MD
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center/Children’s Hospital of New Orleans
“Defining Key Regulators Of Aortic Valve Growth”
Nina Starr Braunwald Research Award, $80,000

Patpilai Kasinpila, MD
Stanford University
“Evaluation Of Sustained Release Engineered Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1-Alpha Analogue In Injectable Hydrogels In Ovine Myocardial Infarction Model”
Nina Starr Braunwald Research Fellowship Award, $60,000

David Blitzer, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital
“Autologous Mitochondrial Transplantation May Extend Ischemia Time In Organ Transplantation”
TSF Resident Award, $60,000

Khaled T. Ramadan, MD
University of Toronto
“Photodynamic Therapy During In Vivo Lung Perfusion For Treatment Of Lung Metastases”
TSF Resident Award, $60,000


James B. Edelman, MD
Toronto General Hospital, University of Toronto
“Advanced Transcatheter Valve Surgery”
Michael J. Davidson Fellowship, $25,000

Moritz C. Wyler von Ballmoos, MD, PhD
Houston Methodist Hospital
“TCT Training”
Michael J. Davidson Fellowship, $25,000

Harma K. Turbendian, MD
Children’s Hospital Colorado
“Congenital Cardiac Surgery in Armenia”
Robert L. Replogle Traveling Fellowship, $10,000

Natalie Lui, MD
Stanford University
“Advanced Endoscopic Techniques For Esophageal Disease At The Oregon Clinic”
Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship, $10,000

Stephanie G. Worrell, MD
University of Michigan
“Advanced Endoscopic Skills”
Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship, $5,000

David T. Cooke, MD
UC Davis Medical Center
“Obtaining Leadership Skills to Manage Complex Academic Teams and Tools to Study, and Develop Strategies to Diversify the Cardiothoracic Surgery Workforce: The Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery and the AAMC”
Levi Watkins Innovation and Leadership Development Scholarship, $5,000

Jeremiah W. Hayanga, MD
West Virginia University
“Lung Transplantation, ECMO and Ex Vivo Perfusion”
Levi Watkins Innovation and Leadership Development Scholarship, $5,000


Frederick L. Grover, MD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
“Enhancing Access to Care and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Nepal”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $37,500

Ralph M. Bolman, III, MD
University of Vermont
“Increasing Access To Care For Valvular Heart Disease From Diagnostics To Post-Operative Care in Rwanda”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $37,500

Pranava Sinha, MD
Children’s National Medical Center
“Management of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Uganda”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $37,500

Jeffrey D. McNeil, MD
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons, PA
“VOOM Foundation Cardiac Surgery Project in Nigeria”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $37,500

Craig H. Selzman, MD
University of Utah Cardiothoracic Surgery
“Center for Global Surgery- Cardiothoracic Surgery Division in Mongolia”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $37,500

Lyle D. Joyce, MD, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin
“Tenwek Project/Kenya Bomet”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $37,500

Aldo E. Rafael, MD
Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas
“5th Annual Salvando Corazones in Peru”
International Cardiac Surgical Outreach Award, $20,000

Michael O. Kayatta, MD
Emory University
“The David V Valve Sparing Aortic Root Replacement Provides Equivalent Long-Term Outcomes in Patients with Bicuspid and Trileaflet Aortic Valves”
STS/EACTS Award, $2,500