TSF/STS Surgeon Match Challenge


The TSF/STS Surgeon Match Challenge has been extended!
Due to an overwhelming response, The Society of Thoracic Surgeons has agreed to extend its surgeon match challenge!

About the Challenge: The TSF/STS Surgeon Match Challenge was first initiated on May 15, 2016, when STS approved a $100,000 donation to its charitable arm, TSF. Along with that gift, STS also issued a challenge to TSF—Raise $100,000 in surgeon contributions by the end of the year and STS will provide another $100,000 in matching funds. Through generous surgeon donations, TSF met that challenge in only three months! In 2017, the TSF/STS Surgeon Match Challenge was relaunched. This means that all surgeon donations will have double the impact, yet again. And, the Society already covers all administrative expenses for the Foundation so that 100% of your donations can be used toward award programs to advance cardiothoracic surgery. Please consider making a donation today!

About Your Match Dollars: Surgeon donations made between May 15, 2016, and September 16, 2016, were distributed to the fund designated by the donor, and all corresponding “match dollars” were attributed to the same fund. For example, if a donor designated $1,000 toward the Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship, another $1,000 in “match dollars” was credited to that fund. Click here for a detailed breakdown of the matching dollars distributed between May 15 – September 16, 2016. Surgeon donations made after September 16, 2016 were attributed to the fund designated by the donor, however the corresponding “match dollars” were directed solely toward TSF’s “area of greatest need,” which is a fund primarily used to award research grants. The STS will match surgeon donations up to $200,000.

TSF Progress: In 2017, TSF awarded $702,500 in grants for 51 CT surgeons.

Invest Today: Please consider making your year-end donation online today. Your donation is an investment in the future of cardiothoracic surgery research and has a 100% return.

TSF is a 501(c)(3) Illinois Not For Profit Corporation. Contributions made to TSF qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult with your tax adviser to determine the amount allowed by law. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your generous financial donation. 









Last updated December 29, 2017 @ 10:50 pm CT.