TSF International Medical Volunteer Scholarship

The Thoracic Surgery Foundation (TSF), through the generosity and philanthropy of the Edwards Lifesciences Foundation, is offering travel scholarships of $2,500 for qualified cardiothoracic surgery residents, and early-career cardiothoracic surgeons (within seven years of completion of CT surgery residency), who are interested in participating in international medical volunteerism (charity work) in underserved* regions/populations. The TSF International Medical Volunteer Scholar will join an upcoming TSF cardiac mission trip scheduled to occur in 2022. TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Awards are designed to educate, screen and/or treat underserved populations to reduce the global burden of heart valve disease, and may include other programs that advance health care and address underserved populations.

Purpose: The purpose of the TSF International Medical Volunteer Scholarship aims to provide a global cardiothoracic surgery volunteer experience for a cardiothoracic surgery resident or surgeon (within seven years of completion of CT surgery residency), who wishes to gain experience in charitable surgical outreach efforts for underserved patients in the developing world, under the mentorship of an experienced surgeon volunteer.

Eligibility:  (Must meet one of the following criteria)

a) The applicant must be a cardiothoracic surgeon who has completed a program leading to certification by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery or its equivalent in a country outside of the United States, and who is within seven years of completion of CT surgery residency, or;

b) Cardiothoracic surgery residents enrolled in an ACGME-accredited cardiothoracic surgery residency fellowship program who have not yet completed their training.

The TSF International Medical Volunteer Scholarship is aimed to provide a 1-2 week volunteer involvement for an inexperienced cardiothoracic medical volunteer to learn from an experienced cardiothoracic surgeon volunteer leader. International Medical Volunteer Scholars will choose from TSF affiliated cardiac medical mission trips, and serve as an active member of the volunteer team, assisting with surgery, screening, and medical education for underserved patients. Examples of international TSF volunteer opportunities include the following regions: Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, and Uganda.

*Underserved people are defined as those who have a health disparity as defined by the CDC and lack awareness of, or access to, medically appropriate healthcare.

Application Open: 4/11/22
Application Deadline: 4/22/22

To apply for the 2022 TSF International Medical Volunteer Scholarship, candidates must:

1. Submit and complete the online application.
2. Submit a CV or resume
3. Submit one letter of recommendation*.

*If the applicant is a resident, the letter of recommendation must come from the applicant’s program director, and it must confirm that the resident has permission to participate as an international medical volunteer, which would remove them from their residency program for up to two weeks.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you have questions, please contact TSF Headquarters at tsf@sts.org or (312) 202-5868.