STS Database Clinical Research Fellowship

Award Description and Objectives

The STS Research and Analytic Center (RAC) is the home for database harvest analytics and clinical research efforts leveraging the family of cardiothoracic surgery registries within the STS National Database. The transition of database and research analytics in-house to the STS RAC presents an opportunity for clinical fellows to deeply engage in STS clinical outcomes research activities working closely with the in-house database and analytics staff, gaining fundamental knowledge in statistical modeling and research based on the STS Database. In collaboration with the Thoracic Surgery Foundation, the STS Research and Analytic Center will support one research fellow for a one-year period with a grant of $80,000 with the following objectives:

  1.  To gain an intimate working knowledge of the STS database variables, their meaning, and potential impact on clinical outcomes.
  2. To gain a fundamental knowledge of research study design, statistical methods, risk modeling and their appropriate application for specific research methodologies (e.g., comparative analyses, regression, propensity matching, inverse probability weighting, time-to-event analyses, data linkages).
  3. To gain experience with efficient project management from the origin of a proposal, development of a statistical analytic plan, refining plan, analysis execution, abstract and manuscript preparation, and the publication process from initial submission to response to reviewers and final acceptance.

Application Open: July 1, 2024
Application Deadline:
September 15, 2024


  1. Candidates are in active residency training in an approved ACGME or equivalent training program, or within the first 2 years of practice.
  2. Location of activity will be primarily remote but may include occasional in-person touch points in Chicago. Candidate should anticipate at least two working visits to STS HQ in Chicago during the course of the fellowship.
  3. Funding total is $80,000 per candidate per year; funding is provided to the institution to offset the resident’s salary and benefits and two trips within the United States.
  4. Applicants will be required to provide their curriculum vitae and a personal statement that attests to their interest and prior experience with clinical research and ability to dedicate full-time effort. Three letters of recommendation will be required from employer, mentors, department chair, and/or program director attesting to the candidate’s abilities and availability to perform the duties required without restrictions.

Other Requirements

The award recipient will be required to disclose financial grant support of the TSF/STS Clinical Database Research Fellowship on each authored paper or publication resulting from this fellowship.

The supporting institution/department will have some responsibility for the balance of the award recipient’s expenses.

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