Why Support TSF

Research, Education, Leadership, Surgical Outreach

The Thoracic Surgery Foundation’s mission is to provide better patient care through four main avenues—research, education, leadership, and global surgical outreach. To advance the field of cardiothoracic surgery and improve the care we give to patients in the future, we must conduct research to better understand cardiothoracic disease, and we also must train the next generation of cardiothoracic surgeons and surgeon-scientists. The research grants provided by the TSF are meant specifically for this purpose.

The The Thoracic Surgery Foundation is the literal Foundation for the cardiothoracic surgery specialty. Giving to the Foundation will help support innovative, impactful research, which will help patient care in the future. It also will help support today’s trainees and young cardiothoracic surgeons who will be the leaders in the field in the future. Grants for these surgeons can be extremely important for launching research careers and achieving new innovation in the field, and ultimately having a great impact for all patients suffering from cardiothoracic disease.

Surgical Outreach