2019 TSF Award Recipients


Mallory L. Irons, MD
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
“A Novel Assessment of the Effects of Chronic Hypoxia on Brain Development in Utero: Utilizing a Fetal Sheep Model to Identify Clinically Translatable Targets for the Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease”
Nina Starr Braunwald Research Fellowship Award, $60,000

Arman Kilic, MD
University of Pittsburgh
“Evaluating the Predictive Utility of Machine Learning Algorithms in Adult Cardiac Surgery”
TSF Research Award, $80,000

Amine Mazine, MD
University of Toronto
“Generation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Left Ventricular Cardiomyocytes for the Treatment of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome”
TSF Resident Research Fellowship Award, $60,000

Gita N. Mody, MD
University of North Carolina
“Improving Lung Cancer Surgery Using Patient Centered Outcomes”
TSF Research Award, $80,000

Philicia Moonsamy, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
“Trial of a Novel Oral Anticoagulant vs. Warfarin in New Onset Atrial Fibrillation after Cardiac Surgery”
Nina Starr Braunwald Research Fellowship Award, $30,000

Laura M. Piechura, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
“Targeting the Innate Immune System to Mitigate Primary Graft Dysfunction via Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion”
TSF Resident Research Fellowship Award, $60,000

Vignesh Raman, MD
Duke University
“Elucidating the Genome of Large Cell Lung Neuroendocrine Cancer”
TSF Resident Research Fellowship Award, $30,000

Lillian L. Tsai, MD
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
“An Implantable Microdevice for Personalized Chemotherapy to Prevent Recurrence in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”
Southern Thoracic Surgical Association (STSA) Resident Research Award, $60,000

Jonathan C. Yeung, MD, PhD
University of Toronto
“Personalizing Therapy for Esophageal Adenocarcinoma using Patient Derived Cancer Organoids”
STS Research Award, $80,000

Yuanjia Zhu, MD
Stanford University
“Bioengineered Autologous Cytokine-Eluting Arterialized Conduits using Tri-layered Cell Sheet Technology”
TSF Resident Research Fellowship Award, $60,000


Leah Backhus, MD
Stanford University
“Pectus Repair Traveling Scholarship”
The Levi Watkins Innovation and Leadership Development Scholarship, $5,000

Crystal J. Erickson, MD
UCHealth Memorial Hospital
“Pectus Excavatum Repair in the Adult Patient”
Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship Award, $3,000

Amy G. Fiedler, MD
University of Wisconsin
“Cardiac Transplantation, Advanced Circulatory Support, and Translational Heart Failure Research at Duke University”
Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship Award, $9,000

Ashleigh A. LeBlanc, CCP, FPP
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital at Oregon Health & Science University
Sarns Terumo Perfusion Fellowship Award, $10,000

Damien J. LaPar, MD
Columbia University
“Complex Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction and Unifocalization Surgical Fellowship”
Robert L. Replogle Traveling Fellowship Award, $10,000

Aaron J. Spooner, MD
Libin Cardiovascular Institute
“Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement”
Michael J. Davidson Fellowship Award, $25,000

Monisha Sudarshan, MD
Mayo Clinic
“Launching an Esophageal Disease Epidemiology and Outcomes Program”
Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship Award, $4,500


Adanna C. Akujuo, MD
Albany Medical Center
“VOOM Foundation Open-Heart Cardiac Surgery Program in Nigeria”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $35,000

Ralph M. Bolman, III, MD
University of Vermont
“Advancing Cardiac Care for Rheumatic Heart Disease in Rwanda”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $37,500

Lyle D. Joyce, MD, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin
“Meeting the Challenge of Rheumatic Valve Disease in Kenya”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $35,000

Jeffrey D. McNeil, MD
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons, PA
“VOOM Foundation – Continued Development of Cardiac Surgery Program in Enugu, Nigeria”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $35,000

Jay D. Pal, MD
University of Colorado
“Enhancing Access to Care and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Nepal”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $37,500

Craig Selzman, MD
University of Utah Health
“Mongolia Cardiac Surgery Program”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $35,000

Pranava Sinha, MD
Children’s National Health System
“Management of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Uganda”
TSF Every Heartbeat Matters Award, $35,000