2007 Research Award Recipients

Michael Argenziano, MD
“Remodeling of the TASK-1 Potassium Current in Atrial Fibrillation: A Novel Therapeutic TaTSFRE Research Grantet”
Career Development Award

Mark S. Bleiweis, MD
University of Florida
“Cell Therapy for RV Failure in Tetralogy of Fallot”
Career Development Award

Lorenzo E. Ferri, MD
McGill University
“Mechanisms of Esophageal Cancer Metastasis: The Role of Cell Adhesion Molecules on the Migratory Ability of Esophageal Cancer Cells”
TSFRE Research Grant

Rosemary F. Kelly, MD
University of Minnesota
“Revascularization of Chronic Hibernating Myocardium Reverses Reduction in Regional Function and Normalized BioeneTSFRE Research Grantetic Adaptations of the Mitochondria”
Braunwald Career Development Award

Jennifer S. Lawton, MD
Washington University
“The Role of the Mitochondrial KATP Channel in Myocyte Volume Response to Stress”
Braunwald Career Development Award