2009 Research Award Recipients

Emile Bacha, MD
Children’s Hospital of Boston
“Improving peTSFRE Research Fellowshipormance of emeTSFRE Research Grantent ECMO cannulation in Pediatric Cardiac SuTSFRE Research Grantery using High-Fidelity Simulation”
Simulation Award

Yvonne M. Carter, MD
Georgetown University Medical Center
Development of a Minimally Invasive Simulator for Thoracic SuTSFRE Research Grantery Training”
Simulation Award

Andrea Colli, MD
Leipzig Heart Center
“Endovascular Stents”
TSFRE Research Fellowship Edwards Lifesciences New and Emerging Technology Fellowship

Cosmin Dobrescu, MD
Arizona Heart Center
“Endovascular Stents”
TSFRE Research Fellowship Edwards Lifesciences New and Emerging Technology Fellowship

James Fann, MD
Stanford University Medical Center
“Simulation in Cardiac Valve SuTSFRE Research Grantery and Cardiac SuTSFRE Research Grantery Crisis Management”
Simulation Award

Richard H. Feins, MD
University of North Carolina
“Thoracic Resection Simulation”
Simulation Award

Arnar Geirsson, MD
Yale University
“Role of Micro RNA in Cardiac Ischemia and Heart Failure”
Career Development Award

Eugene Grossi, MD
New York University School of Medicine
“Cognitive Task Training for Right Upper Lobe Resection Simulator”
Simulation Award

Sunjay Kaushal, PhD, MD
“Characterization of Cell-Based Therapy for Congenital Heart Patients”

Onkar Khullar, MD
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
“Prevention of Nodal Metastasis in Lung Cancer via Lymphatic Trafficking”
TSFRE Research Fellowship/LUNGevity Foundation

Karen M. Kim, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
“The Effect of Donor Brain Death and Prolonged Cold Ischemia on Cardiac Allograft Tolerance in Miniature Swine”
TSFRE Research Fellowship

Christine L. Lau, MD
“Adenosine 2A Receptor Signaling in Lung Transplant Injury and Rejection”

Jay M Lee, MD
“Gene Modified Dendritic Cell Therapy in Lung Cancer”

Alykhan Nagji, MD
University of Virginia
“Effect of Combined Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Proteasome Inhibitors”
TSFRE Research Fellowship

Nabil P. Rizk, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
“Thoracic Endoscopic SuTSFRE Research Grantery Simulator”
Simulation Award

Ashish S. Shah, MD
John Hopkins Hospital
“Consequences of Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibition on Nitric Oxide Synthase Biochemistry in Experimental Lung Transplantation”
TSFRE Research Grant

Robert L. Smith, MD
Leipzig Hearth Center
“An Experience in Minimally Invasive Mitral and Aortic Valve SuTSFRE Research Grantery”
TSFRE/Edwards Lifesciences New and Emerging Technology Fellowship

Ashish S. Shah, MD
John Hopkins Hospital
“Simulation Training for Post Operative Cardiac Instability and Collapse”
Simulation Award

Sai Yendamuri, MD
Roswell Park Institute
“A MicroRNA Profile to Predict Recurrence After SuTSFRE Research Grantical Resection of Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”
LUNGevity Foundation Research Grant