2014 Award Recipients

Ravi K. Ghanta, MD
University of Virginia
“Therapeutic Mechanical Modification of Myocardial Infarcts with Tunable Nanofibers to Prevent Ventricular Remodeling”
TSFRE Research Grant

Ann C. Gaffey, MD
University of Pennsylvania
“A Novel, Vascularized Clinically Translatable Tissue Engineered Construct to Provide Angiogenic Endothelial Progenitor Cell Therapy to Treat Ischemic Cardiomyopathy”
TSFRE Braunwald Fellowship

Emily A. Downs, MD
University of Virginia
“Anisotropic Reinforcement of Acute Right Ventricular Dysfunction”
TSFRE Braunwald Fellowship

Dawn S. Hui, MD
Saint Louis University
“Defining Nontechnical Predictors and Number of Repetitions to Reach Technical Skill Proficiency on Coronary Anastomosis Simulation Prior to Patient Experience”
TSFRE Simulation Grant

Linda W. Martin, MD
University of Maryland
“Robotic Thoracic Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham”
Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship

Edward Cantu, MD
University of Pennsylvania
“Lung Transplant Donor: Prediction, Evaluation, and Mechanism”
NIH Matching K23 Grant