General Instructions for Applicants

Applicants: An individual who meets the eligibility requirements is invited to submit an application in the appropriate award category.  In general, top-scoring applications in each category will receive priority with respect to funding. Multiple applications from a single institution will be accepted and reviewed, as long as there is no significant scientific overlap. Access TSF Award offerings here:

Eligibility: Each award has its own unique eligibility. Visit each award page, to determine if you are eligible.

Apply: Visit each award page, to access the online application.

Peer Review/Scoring: All applications will be reviewed by the designated TSF Award Committee. The Committee may request additional information or clarification of your proposal. Final review and approval of the TSF Award Committee’s recommendations will be made by the TSF Board of Directors. TSF Leaders are required to complete an annual disclosure and conflict of interest forms. A TSF Leadership roster can be found here:

Timeline: Most TSF Awards follow the same timeline cycle, which can be found here. Visit the individual award page to confirm.

Please note the following:

  • Only electronic submissions for TSF Awards will be accepted.
  • TSF will provide a brief critique to those applicants whose proposals are not funded.
  • Should you receive an award, you will be required to acknowledge the support of TSF in any resultant publications of your findings. Copies of these publications should be forwarded to TSF.
  • TSF requires an annual progress report and a final report on granted awards.
  • No part of any TSF Awards may be directed toward institutional overhead.
  • All unused grant funds must be returned to TSF.

Inquiries: Inquiries for TSF Awards should be addressed to the following:

The Thoracic Surgery Foundation
633 N. St. Clair Street
Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-202-5868